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MAR 11, 2021

This letter is to all my liberal friends out there who can’t seem to get Trump out of there heads. You won. Now why aren’t you extolling the virtues of our new president? I mean you must be enjoying the quick increase in fuel prices, right, or how about the increase of “undocumented” that are suddenly coming across the border. How about the jobs that were lost when the Keystone pipeline was cancelled. C’mon man, shouldn’t you guys be praising the current government on how they are handling the school situation or the Iran deal that we are going back to? How about the praise for Fauci who is now stating that we should wear two masks or maybe three possibly for the next year or so. I do understand that President Biden stated that there was no vaccine available when he entered office and distribution was nonexistent, but I don’t hear any praise for their quick handling of this unapparelled situation. I’m sure that you folks are going to soon show your enthusiasm for the way the liberal-run cities are coming back to life and that we will soon be giving billions of COVID-relief dollars for museums, unneeded bridges and railroads to Silicon Valley and health care for every undocumented in the nation. If you are working, doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that while you get to pay for all your own daily bills and needs that you get to pay for all the free stuff for everyone else, plus hanging this debt around your grandkids neck? So please instead of living in the past let’s hear about all the great things that the Biden Administration has done and is planning for us in the future. I can’t wait!

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Send this to all YOUR liberal friends. MAYBE  somehow someway  we can FINALLY WAKE UP these ignorant sheeple




Mike Kerstetter

Do you really think that any of these dolts believe the truth of what you just said? They're all either lazy assholes looking for the Government handouts or they are too stupid to realize what their TDS just allowed them to vote for.
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Ken Conrad
The dolts with TDS outnumber the idiots with Viking horns.
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Jerry Kairnes
RE: "So, instead of living in the past..."

Does the writer believe the hundreds and hundreds of our neighbors whom still display the Trump 2020 signs upon their lawn should now remove them?
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Mike Kerstetter
Yeah, I think they should. But I was never one for putting political signs in my yard or on my cars.
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Ralph Hughey
obviously you're talking about the 75 million that voted legally

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DOH: 1 million fully vaccinated, still not enough supply

Marionette dictator

Honor Roberto Clemente


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Quad City Times

Letter: Surprised


Thank you for your article in Friday's newspaper, "Education & opportunity," featuring Dev Bastola, a Nepali immigrant who built a string of businesses in Davenport. My admiration for him and his wife is indescribable.

However, I'm surprised that this paper printed this article, as it goes against a lot of what today's liberals and their doting media are trying to convey. For example, any person who "makes it" is evil, and all businesspeople are greedy billionaires who should give all their hard-earned money to taxes levied by Big Government.

Nowadays it is even fashionable to think we deserve "free stuff" without lifting a finger to earn it.

Bastola came here with the attitude that the government does not owe him a living. He knew it was up to him. That was the way that President John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, wanted it six decades ago. What happened?

Also, Bastola came here because life was better here. He proved that anyone — regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. — can make it here if he/she works hard and obeys ethics. We need more immigrants of this type to show us a thing or two. And if our country is so bad, why would immigrants want to come here in the first place?

Having read this article will inspire me, for one, to quit making excuses and acting like a spoiled brat who doesn't appreciate how good he has it here.



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