Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Liberal Logic

It appears that Donald Trump can be found ‘not guilty’ of rape, but be found guilty of  ‘defaming’ the accuser; be criminally indicted on bogus charges during an election campaign, but get a gag order from a judge warning not to defend himself; can tell people to peacefully and patriotically make their voices heard on J6, but be accused of inciting an ‘insurrection’; be impeached over a call with the Ukrainian president seeking legitimate and credible information about Biden corruption in Ukraine that pertains to national security; be falsely accused of Russian collusion by a rival political candidate who committed actual Russian collusion; be raided for ‘classified documents’ he had the right to take as president, while being set up by a president who took classified documents while vice president and stored them in unsecure locations; be accused of ‘disinformation’ over the 2020 election by claiming it was ‘rigged,’ even as we have docs that prove the intel community committed ‘election interference’ by fabricating a letter calling the Hunter Biden laptop ‘disinformation.’

Only if you’re Donald Trump.

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