Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Remembering Rush, Tom Brady Diet, Lincoln Cancelled in SF, Rich Little as Biden, Food You're Rating from China

Rush Limbaugh Lives On Eternally in our Hearts...We must 'continue his mission' - Kathryn Limbaugh 
Limbaugh was fired seven times as a rock & roll DJ before the college dropout found his niche despite initial complaints of his conservative talk show. But, people came to love his honest, inciteful, sometimes stinging yet heartfelt style he developed and achieved since 1988. Perhaps Limbaugh admired Trump and vice versa because they were both 'outsiders,' their own men Limbaugh also saved am radio while popularizing conservative talk radio and setting the stage for those who followed...Hannity, Levin, etc.  He was one of a handful of people who were so far ahead in their craft and persona its almost like they were heaven sent. Robin Williams is the only  other parallel we can think of, who did as much for comedy and acting as  Limbaugh did for talk radio and conservatism.
And, yet, even on the day he dies, the Left continue to viciously attack him. Limbaugh will head the conservative monument in the sky with the likes of Ronald Reagan, William Buckley,  Milton Friedman and perhaps one day Donald Trump. #diets #tombradydiet #tombrady #weightloss #health #fitness

James 'Bo Snerdley' Golden 

 “There was nowhere on TV that you could get conservative ideology, that you could get the values that represent what most Americans believe until Rush, he changed the media. He changed the landscape. Rush Limbaugh’s radio show grew..
San Francisco Cancels Presidents Washington And Lincoln-
On Presidents Day no less. Washington and Lincoln are out as  S.F. school board unanimously changes history tossing 44 school names
#sanfrancisco #schoolboard #presidentsday

Trump impeachment lawyer Michael van der Veen destroys the entire media after questioning from CBSN anchor."

Shocking! Read this and you may want to change your diet

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